March 13, 2009

color: white
price: RM35
status: available

High Waisted Pinafore

code: high wasted pinafore + shirt
colour: white (shirt), checkered (pinafore)
description: stretchable @ the back, fits S-M
price: RM50
status: available

Never Full

December 26, 2008

code: BG322-74
color: grey
price: RM50
status: SOLD

Pass Me The Clutch

code: CL241-87
colour: violet + pink + white
price: RM28

code: CL841-64
colour: black + white
price: RM28

December 16, 2008

purchase any 3 items from us and shipping fee on us!

Shopper (Bag)

Item: Xposed Shopper Bag
Price: RM33

Devil Duckies

December 9, 2008

Item: Ninja Duckie
Price: RM10

Item: Pirate Duckie
Price: RM10

Item: Leopard Duckie
Price: RM10

Item: Zebra Duckie
Price: RM10

Item: Invisible Duckie
Price: RM10

Item: Devil Duckie
Price: RM10
status : ALL SOLD

Shopper (Bag)

December 5, 2008

we spotted all these wonderful shopper bags & if we receive good response, u mite c dem in our coming post!

price is yet to be confirmed. probably range between RM38-45.

note that these goods r imported from USA. hence no further discounts.

drop us a mail if u're interested in purchasing! remember to state which design do u like.

mail to: mdm.butterfly80@yahoo.com

from top to bottom:

  1. don't freak out
  2. quilt
  3. make friends
  4. cute as hell
  5. get real lemons
  6. saving the planet
  7. doggie